Art by the Falls.

Okay, so I have been posting pictures pertaining to getting ready for a show for a while now. It may seem like a long while for some. But I have yet to give out all the technical info of it.


date: Saturday May 17th ( rain date May 18th — ::fingerscrossed:: it doesn’t rain)

time: 10 am – 4 pm  But please don’t make me wait all day for your visit! … I’ll get sad

location: Babylon’s Argyle Park  — if you don’t know where that is it comes up in google, I checked :)

cost of attendance: FREE! … you should probably purchase some goods though and support your local artists ::hint hint wink wink nudge nudge::

For more info, in case you don’t like what I provided here’s the link!

Things you will find at this Art Festival include but are not limited to:







Paintings by me!

Prints by me!

A super adorable coloring book by me!

And oh yeah, just me in general.  Standing there, at a table, waiting for you to visit me.  Hey, I may even brush my hair for the occasion.  But you won’t know unless you come see for yourself!blogpostpic


Down, but not out (anymore)

Now it is very widely known Sandy visited this area, in fact she made her way into affecting almost 20 states (I googled) but I am not going to list the grim details of her visit.The media is doing enough of that for me I think, and for once they’re actually pretty accurate.I will say I was without power for a few days, which comparative to the loss others suffered is not much at all.

Fortunately for me, a power loss for an artist isn’t much of anything but a way of giving you plenty of time to do the things you love (candles and flashlights, at the ready). And so I passed my time sketching, which you will be able to view in this post, knitting Christmas gifts, and painting. The paintings I am waiting to post, it should be just another week or so before they make their debut to the site.

My thoughts are with those whose homes and lives were permanently disrupted by this storm, I do hope they get all the help they need. It seems all the different necessary parts of the varying levels of government are on the ball for now. ::fingers crossed:: it stays that way.

When autumn comes it doesn’t ask

I really enjoy everything about autumn. It’s the perfect time to turn into yourself. Usually I hit a drawer’s block around this time of year, which always balances out with my sudden urge to read any and every book I can get my hands on. This year I’m getting through it with more ease than usual, ideas for images are coming slower — but they’re still coming.