Silhouettes, 46 days later.

Since the day after Babylon Village Arts Council’s Seventh Annual Arts by the Falls event, I have been waking up and glancing over at a stack of packed boxes. Inside these boxes were paintings, books, framed prints, and postcards. For anyone keeping count, with it now being July, I have been waking up to these boxes for the last 46 days.

And on the 46th day, I unpacked.

Might I say, it feels very nice to have a bit more space to move around.

:: : s  t  r   e    t     c      h   :  :   :

BUT most notably for you, inside these boxes were the below five silhouette mini paintings. Prior to the Babylon Village Art Council’s event, I had posted shots of them on my Facebook and they seemed to have been well received. I can assure anyone interested in them: for the last 46 days these paintings they have been kept in tip top shape and wrapped securely, preserving them from any clutzy harm I may manage to do to them. (However, they’re unwrapped now — so act quickly)

With that, I have posted them up in my i-should-definitely-get-around-to-using-this-more online shop:

Should you prefer to deal with me directly, you are more than welcome to contact me via email,, or through a private message via any from of social media you fancy.

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